Friday, June 16, 2006

First post....

Well, this page looked rather blank without any text! So, here's the first of what I hope will be regular posts. My main site can be alot more time-consuming to update, so I thought a blog would be a good way to do smaller updates in-between everything else - especially as every time I do update the main site, I seem to end up making far too many changes....

So, a bit about me for anyone passing by...
I'm a graphic designer and illustrator by day; been a partner in my own agency (
Accolade) for 15 years now. As is always the case with design work, some times you work every hour there is, whereas other times it's terribly slow!

My passions are historical narrow wares and passementerie - as well as costume history generally. I am more of a 'doer'; I enjoy trying to discover how something may have been made and learning new techniques.

My first book (co-written with Elizabeth Benns) has just been published. Tak V Bowes Departed: A 15th Century Braiding Manual Examined looks at a 15th century manuscript which has instructions for 40 medieval braids - our book discusses not only the original manuscript but also gives modernised instructions and illustrations for all of the braids. Its proving very successful, and alot of my time is currently taken up promoting this, and of course working on our next book!

I've also just joined a research group looking at ways in which medieval frilled veils may have been created. I will be experimenting with narrow wares - however, I couldn't resist trying a simple rolled hem on bias cut linen - something my mother suggested many years ago (mothers always know best, don't they?) A picture is above. Its very flattering to wear, and was quite a talking point at a study day I attended last weekend.

What else? Well, my hubby and I also care for his dad - he's 94, blind, immobile and has advanced dementia. Hard work, certainly, and it does mean that life can be rather restricted sometimes, but sometimes it can be a laugh - he can say the funniest things at times! And what's life without a good laugh?

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