Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer Days

Goodness! I haven't been very good with regards to this blog! Still, I have been rather busy....

It is one of the busiest times for the 'day' job -
Accolade Design - it always has been, right after the 'July Fortnight'. I guess people spend their summer holidays thinking of all of the things they need to do when they get back to work!

Silk-wise, I really have been busy. The 3 m wedding dress lace is currently being fitted with silver aiglets. Doing such a long fingerloop braid requires a second person to achieve the tension. Hubby was roped into this job. However, it took a long time - primarily due to the heat at the moment, the silk catches on my hands when I'm hot. Still, it is a really lovely lace, and photos will be posted when the aiglets have been fitted.

I had a rush job for a tablet woven band to be used as part of a circlet - it also needed to be sent overseas, so I was very concerned about getting it finished and allowing for postal delays! I even forgot to photograph it... but I have been promised one when it has been finished.

The green and yellow silk girdle above was woven for The Royal Armouries, it will be part of a Gawain and the Green Knight display. The fittings are by
Lionheart, who I really can't reccomend highly enough. Colin was really helpful, and did a great job fitting the pewter to the fine silk.

Another rush job was for some silk tassels for gentleman's Hessian boots -
I love making tassels, and its been quite some time since I was able to. Of course, having two cats always means that tassel making must be done very carefully! We call the male the 'Silk Assassin' - he does have a tendency to want to completely destroy any tassel he sees.

Speaking of cats, we also had a bit of a clear out, and gave nearly a bookshelf of books to the local charity shop - to benefit the shelter we got our kitties from. My late mother-in-law loved books as well, and we still have so many to go through. This batch was the easier lot - novels which were not our 'thing'.

I have also been playing around with my current obsession, using laces and ribbons in more 'modern' ways. The more usual way of doing this of course, it to simply string beads onto laces. But I like to play with other ideas and have been experimenting with bracelets. I made a lovely one for my mother, as part of their 40th wedding anniversary gifts, and forgot to take a picture of that before it was sent overseas too (must get her to do that for me...) but here's a simpler one I made for myself. I have quite a few ideas based on this, and intend to work these further.

The frilled edges project is going well, the experiments are proving quite interesting. I'm looking forward to getting all of the information together in a more coherent form!

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