Monday, September 04, 2006

Pleased as Punch

Again, I'm slow to add to this blog! I have been so busy its hard to keep up.
The best news is that the Perth suit is completed, and there are some terrific pictures at Ninya's website. This one is my favourite, as it does show the buttons, ribbon and braid to its best advantage! The work involved in this is quite immense, and I can only guess that all of the hand sewing must have drove Ninya a little insane. But, it was worth it in my opinion, doing it correctly from the start really has made a difference to the finished item I think.

Elizabeth and I were at Bosworth two weekends ago to promote our book. What a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello, and introduce themselves - it was so nice to actually meet people who I know only through the internet. The really bad weather stayed away, although there were times when we were crossing our fingers for sun. We had a particularly nice evening on Saturday, as we had a little 'do' to celebrate the book being published. It gave us a chance to chat with re-enactors and traders about all sorts of research.

I've had one of my purses accepted for a small travelling exhibition of work to represent the Braid Society, its one of my favourites, embellished with freshwater pearls.

The Frilled edges experiments are going according to plan - I completed another length of linen ribbon last night. I have also made a selection of laces for use as arming points; I have experimented with different ways of adding wax to the laces. This was due to a request from an armourer while at Bosworth, so it will be interesting to see what his thoughts are on the samples. I really know very little about arming points, except that it is generally agreed that they should be waxed for strength. The problem seems to be the way in which they are waxed, as the lace can often become sticky and then quite dirty with handling. Not the nicest when you are wearing a lovely suit of armour!

Speaking of which, one of the Destrier members had a fanastic suit of black armour at Bosworth. Very impressive...

My contempory range is a little behind schedule to to my huge workload in my 'day' job. Still, two of the deadlines are this week, with another in only another couple of weeks, so I shall be able to get all of these half-started projects completed...!

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  1. Hi Gina, I love your little purse! I wonder where you have found references for river-pearl-embellishment? I know only one example in Germany.
    And I also wanted to start doing some experiments on arming points soon. My boyfriend is training to become a jouster very soon, and working on his armour (he's making it himself).
    All the best!


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