Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I hate computers!

What a few weeks! Lord, I hate computers! My system finally died, well, it started stuttering to halt - it only worked for about an hour and then would cut out. It must have taken the good part of three days to ensure that I had everything backed up that I wanted...

And then the phone line goes. BT gave us a date 10 days later to fix it. Useless. Of course, they never reduce the bills do they, despite that I couldn't use the phone for that time.

So, shiny new computer arrives. A week later, I finally have my software re-installed, everything just the way I want it, and finally catching up on some work, and can you believe it, it too dies...

I think its my electrics

Anyway, finally get the new one sorted out, and we forgot to put the modem in....

So, fingers crossed for me, that this one will hold out. And then I will be able to finally try to keep this blog updated.

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