Friday, November 17, 2006

Can't think of a title today!

I just can't seem to think of a decent title for today's post, so I thought I wouldn't keep trying!

I said goodbye to one of my favourite projects this week. It was purchased in August as a Christmas present, but I've kept it so that it wouldn't be found. (Obviously I won't say what it was as you never know who's reading!) It was quite sad to see it go actually! One of my 'pride & joy' pieces. I guess I'll just have to crack on and make something else as complicated to make me smile.

Had a great time at Ruth's studio - its really nice, and as always when we are together we talked textiles. Actually, we talked buttons quite a bit this time around! And looked through lots of eye-candy books. I also saw an image for another button I shall try to make at the weekend, a Georgian one but one that I think I will be quite able to achieve with only my drawing of the orginal. Some items are quite simple for me to reproduce simply from photographs or drawings, but others, I can only give an idea of how they were made. Without actually inspecting the original in these cases, I can't be sure.

It will be a busy button weekend for me, lots and lots of pretty silk buttons to make! Christmas is just around the corner too, and I haven't thought about what to buy for people. Usually I plan gifts in advance, a very few people get something that I make, but this year I seem to have run out of ideas. Partially because those who people also make things - and we do tend to have similar ideas.

However, inspried by some of these other ideas, I have been working on pincushions - the above picture is one. I decided to keep to my medieval obsession, and make the little purses into a pincushion. In actual fact, this little pincushion is the size of the very small medieval coin purses. (It started out as one - so is fully lined). The outer is a half silk velvet so the lining came in handy to protect it as I have stuffed the pincushion with sawdust. I put a piece of cork into the base to ensure that it stands.

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