Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More buttons

As expected, I've been really busy with the Dorset buttons - over halfway through now, and yes, still enjoying them. I've had some very interesting ideas for modern buttons based on the Dorset technique - it will be fun to try them out over the holidays.

Yes, holidays! Goodness, I've barely had time to think about them, but suppose I must.

And instead, I had a mad bidding spree on some old needlework buttons on eBay. I'm really thrilled with them, some Leek buttons made with braid as opposed to smooth silk, which are really gorgeous. There are two types of braid - a gold (or gilt) and white silk. I suspect these are probably early Victorian; off-hand I don't know of Georgian examples made with braid, nor do I know when sewing buttons onto card became 'normal', so I'd love to hear from anyone else who may have an idea.

Also in the lot were some buttons described as Dorset buttons. The photograph wasn't clear enough to show any detail, but they had a nice domed shape, and looked interesting! They aren't Dorset buttons, but they are very interesting. They have a very fine chevron pattern and - luckily - a couple are damaged enough to justify a careful unpicking to see if I can figure out how they have been made. They are a dark brown silk, and so I am having no luck in photographing them myself at the moment - must sort out some new lighting I think!

I'm really looking forward to looking at these in more detail when I've completed the Sweeney Todd buttons.


  1. very nice! you always seem to find the most interesting stuff on ebay _ i need lessons. or more time to browse, maybe!

  2. i never find that kind of stuff on ebay either! the buttons are just fantastic! *sigh*


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