Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sweeney Todd & Johnny Depp

Busy busy buttoning again! The order for 300 silk cartwheel buttons has all been finalised, so I can talk about it a bit now. The buttons are for the new Johnny Depp film, Sweeney Todd. How cool is that!

We have a new measure of time in my house now 'a button'. Now, this is a rather vague measure of time, and started while I working on the Perth buttons - I'd go and do something 'when I've finished this button'. This has now further developed, when I asked my hubby to make a cup of tea.
"Ok, just a minute, I'll just finish this..."
"Where's that tea you promised?"
"I said in a minute.."
"That was a button ago!"

It actually took 2 buttons before I got the cup of tea... :-)


  1. Buttons for Johnny Depp! How cool is that?!
    They look so pretty :-)
    I've just been contacted to do an interview for Elle (fashion magazine) so i'm dancing on clouds too :-)

  2. I am in awe. total awe.

  3. Anonymous7:10 pm

    These buttons are superb. I will definitely go see that new Depp movie and look for them. Let's hope you get more "movie" offers in the future.


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