Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday, Monday

Isn't there an old song with that title? Or have I got the wrong words to a tune in my head (and no, I don't mean the Boomtown Rats song!) Ah well, not that it has anything to do with anything!

As promised, a picture of my current tw project on the loom. This is 'my' piece, in that I always try to continue weaving until I simply can't, to ensure that I have a piece for my own records. Especially with this particular weave technique, as its hard to get a photo showing the patterns.

I've volunteered to co-ordinate a new database for TWIST (Tablet Weavers International Studies & Techniques). The idea will be to have all members supply any information that they have on historic tablet weaves. I now need to get my head around what info I'll ask for, and how to co-ordnate it all ! But it should be an interesting project, and I am looking forward to taking part.

I have updated two of my buttons pages - Leek Buttons and Knop buttons, both now show quite a few variations of buttons. And to think there are probably loads more to try to figure out! I've yet to update the other areas of my site though...

I've also completed the following trial this week. Its an attempt to recreate the braid shown in this painting, (Agnolo Bronzino, 'Bia de' Medici' 1542) a very fine braid I think, as it is on a child's dress. My example is just about 1cm wide - including the scallops at the edge. It's quite a straightforward tabby weave, with a thicker supplemental weft. It can be difficult weaving such fine braid with a supplemental weft, but the effect is very pretty I think. This type of braid is found in many periods, probably reaching its height during the Victorian era with the fancy upholstery trimmings created then, but some of the Georgian examples are really quite lovely.


  1. I like the scalloped braid very much. I've seen some lovely ones like that using metal thread. I'll email you...

  2. What material have you used for your scalloped braid? Silk? I really like it and I'm thinking of experimenting with the technic on my next tw-project.

  3. Hi Anna,
    I've used filament silk for the braid, the warp is a 360 denier high twist, the supplemental weft (which forms the scallops) is 1440 denier, loose twist, and I have used a main weft - also the 360 denier. This was done using plain tabby weaving (on an inkle loom)- if you want to try something similar with tablets, you may find it easier to use the tablet threaded through only two holes.


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