Saturday, February 10, 2007

Website changes and lots more buttons

I have finished a major update to the website - well, nearly! I still have a few images to get uploaded, but very nearly there. The structure has changed a little, but anyone who's set up links, don't worry - I haven't renamed or moved any existing pages.

I had a very interesting time making Dorset high top molds this week. I have used the instructions given by Marion Howitt, who has extensively researched the Dorset button industry. The pointed form are made with a cloth and flour and water paste - and pushed into molds to get the pointed shape required. I wasn't sure that my mold (made with glow-in-the-dark fimo, so I'll be able to work in a power cut...!) would work, but it does seem to. I was really very pleased with the results.

I'm still searching for the correct cream leather - I've tried another 3 suppliers, all of whom are having difficulty getting cream at the moment. Fingers crossed though, I may have found some.

The other major project has been to finish off a beaded Victorian style purse. I actually made the beaded part of the purse last year, using some antique beads I picked up at auction. I also managed to find a few purse closures, but hadn't gotten around to cleaning them (old brass can be so difficult to clean). But, I thought, enough's enough, lets get it done. And I am so glad that I did, as its so pretty, in my opinion. I'll get a photo posted up soon.

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