Friday, February 02, 2007

When is cream cream? or not...

It has certainly been one of those weeks. I am having a nightmare of a time sourcing clothing quality cream leather. Why? It seems that my idea of cream differs from everyone else's - and that they each differ from each other as well! I've had grey, white and taupe supplied, all described as cream. And the one supplier who's idea of cream IS the same as mine, hasn't enough in stock. Frustrating! Anyone out there know of good suppliers in the UK? I only need a small piece!

This is all due to the fact that I'm halfway through a very fancy purse; all components made (21 tassels with turks heads plus braids, lining, etc) and I have yet to find a good cream leather I am happy with.

On the up side however, I got a fantastic lot on eBay this week (thank you Ruth!). A lot of button molds - all shapes, sizes, and even more interesting, they included some made of papier mache. That has really thrilled me, as only last week I had decided that the only way of getting molds in different sizes would be to have them made, or to perhaps use a Victorian recipe for papier mache. (Bearing in mind that the Victorians made furniture from the stuff!). To have molds turned, I'd really need to order quite a quantity of any one size. Not helpful if I am only doing something small for a one-off costume. I have a terrific supply of one size wooden disc - perfect for button mold, but there is no variety available. This will open up so many options.

It is also going to be interesting to try to see what mold works best with what type and style of button. I know, rather sad to get so excited by little bits of wood, but I guess that just sums me up. ;)

And, I've seen my first ladybird of the year this week. I don't remember seeing one this early before. Everything is beginning to look very spring-like!

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