Thursday, March 22, 2007

And now I'm 40...

It's been a little while since I've written; thanks mainly to many family celebrations. First my husband's birthday, then our wedding anniversary, and then, the crucial one, my 40th. (and in between, the car's MOT, a shed being storm damaged and having to be pulled down and a garage roof to repair!).

So, how do I feel about being 40? Not half so bad as I thought I might. Except for that little voice inside which says 'You're now an older woman - officially', which is pretty odd because I don't feel alot different than I did 20 years ago. Perhaps a bit more cynical though. Actually, it's probably better not to think too hard about this subject! If its anything like my last milestone (30), it didn't bother me one bit, until I hit 31! Weird I know...

The lovely (if I do say so myself) leather purse arrived safe and sound in the US, so I can now post an image of it. I was so pleased with the end result - this style of purse is so decorative, it's always a pleasure to work on something like this. Each leather purse is made of four panels, the seams are covered in silk fingerloop braids and then decorated with contrasting silk French knots. Each purse has five silk tassels, topped with gimp Turk's head knots. The purses are fully lined in linen, and hand sewn throughout.
I always include a shiny new penny in each of the purses I make. It's something I picked up from my mother, who never gives a purse, handbag or similar without adding at least a penny - it is supposed to bring luck (money always in your handbag). I was totally thrilled when I went shopping for my birthday and went into a nice little boutique and bought a summery handbag (yes, if you haven't already noticed, handbags are my weakness, hence an obsession with historical ones!), and the lady at the till popped a shiny penny into the bag 'for luck'! I couldn't believe it. She said her mother had always done it too. Now, this is an even nicer coincidence when you consider that this woman's mother is English, whilst mine's American. I wonder how far back this little superstition goes?


  1. Congratulations!

    These purses are so beautiful, wow, I just keep looking at the picture :-) It's also very nice to see someone actually wearing them.

  2. Sasphyria10:10 am

    I´m very late, but i discoverd your blog lately. Now i´m try to read everyting *smile*

    I love pouches and purses too!

    I´m into the early 16th century with my Trossfrau Persona.

    And i love your purses of that area.

    :) But what i realy want to tell:

    I´m German and my Grandma was german too, but i know this penny-thing realy well!
    "Always let at least one penny (Pfennig) in your purse!"

    :) Greetings from Germany!

    And please forgive my terrible english, i hope you understand what i mean.

  3. How lovely to hear that the penny thing happens in Germany too - I wonder how old it is? Thanks for letting me know.

    Don't apologise for you English, it is far better than my German :)


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