Monday, March 26, 2007

Tablet weaving

I realised that I didn't post an image of the fine silk girdle I was working on a couple of months ago. I'm so pleased with the result, it was time-consuming but certainly worth it if I do say so myself. Here's a picture!

This is tablet woven, using 120 denier silk, 4-ply. The weave technique uses tablets threaded through only two holes. The design is very subtle - depending on how the light hits the silk depends upon what is actually seen. The girdle is 3.5cm wide and just over 2m long. This one used 86 tablets. The design itself did not take as long to do as it may appear - what actually took the most time was the warping and setting up, likewise the picks are 10 per cm, so it took a long time to complete over 2m!

A similar, more complicated girdle using this technique can be seen in my gallery.

I was also very pleased to receive a picture of the leather purse mentioned below in use. This is quite a reduced image - I will be adding a nicer one to my gallery when I next update the site. Thank you to Tess (and photgrapher Ken!) for allowing me to include the picture.
I'm so pleased with how the purse matches - always a difficult thing to do when working across the ocean! And with such fancy kit, it is lovely to see how well it all goes together.

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