Friday, June 22, 2007

Where has summer gone?

What a rubbish June so far! Will it ever stop raining?

We've been redecorating and re-organising the house and office. The office move has gone pretty well, but there's still lots to do. It looks lovely though. It would be so much easier to do all of this if I could put some furniture outside for an hour or so of course...
I've been pleasantly surprised that Tak v Bowes Departed is now out of print! Elizabeth and I couldn't believe how quickly the first edition has sold. Thank you again to all who have purchased it - I do hope that it has helped and everyone is making lots of beautiful medieval braids....

I have lots of projects underway too. The most exciting at the moment is a really wide girdle, 5.4cm, in the finest, nicest silk. I do love doing the more complicated weaves, even if it takes me longer! This girdle has also lead me to a super-interesting blog - - as this is who the girdle will be for. As I do not ride, its nice to be able to learn about another medieval-related area of study. I'll update my side links with the blog later on, but do visit if you get a chance.

I have been working on the designs for my collaboration with Ruth , which did not go according to plan initially! I am so used to designing tablet weaving that uses fine silk or threads, that using hand-spun, and/or thick wool has been quite a challenge. The first bands were so thick and frankly, ugly. I finally came up with some trim which has worked, but I think that the tabby woven designs will be nicer.

In between all of this, I've made a few more tassels. I do like my tassels - and incorporating buttons is even better! The one shown here has two silk wrapped buttons (round and flat) with worsted wool pom-poms and ruffs. I was pleased at how the two materials contrast each other.

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