Monday, July 30, 2007


The best thing about working on a more time-consuming project is listening to Fleetwood Mac. My husband simply can't abide Stevie Nicks (he's ok with songs not sung by her, but he really doesn't like her voice!), so, I get to go off to my craft room, pop Rumours into the CD player, and sing away to my heart's content! Mind you, perhaps it has nothing to do with Stevie's voice and more to do with mine, as I will insist on singing along...

The girdle is going well and is nearing completion. So, the absolutely horrendous weather for July hasn't really been all bad as I haven't felt the need to go out into the garden. The real shame is that the annual battle re-enactment at Bosworth has been cancelled; I feel quite lost now! We go every year, sometimes 'working', sometimes not. But always to meet up with friends I haven't seen in ages and to spend money on replica medieval items, books, or fabric (usually that I don't really need but MUST have). Probably a good thing, on reflection, as I have spent so much time going through and getting rid of books recently that my shelves might appreciate not being too overloaded again too soon.
The picture is of a tassel that I made to cover a lethal point on a 19th century shield. Before anyone asks, I really have no idea where the shield is from; it was left to my husband by his great-uncle. We've avoided hanging it anywhere for years, just in case someone walked into the point, so I finally decided to do something about it. The tassel is made from linen (a very dark brown, nearly black, and orange). The part covering the point of the shield is a cork, from which hangs the tassel. Although it looks very African in appearance, the basic design for the tassel is from an engraving of circa 1870 of a purse tassel - the only thing I added was the cork and the two brown covered round beads (which I felt were needed to balance the cork).

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  1. that's really funny! and lovely too, but a *spike-tassel*?? whatever will you think of next?

    I love the wrapped danglies!


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