Monday, July 23, 2007

Will the rain ever stop?

What a dreary summer it is. I'm determined not to complain about it, but it is tempting to...

Still, I have been busy so probably wouldn't have gotten as much done if it had been sunny. So there's some consolation there I suppose!

My latest wide girdle (5.4cm wide) commission is going well; the most time-consuming is probably the warping. Such fine silk and so many tablets, I have estimated that it took about 32 hours to warp. This is partially due to the fact that I use a warp-weighted loom for this particular technique. So using a continuous warp method just won't work. But I do find that the time spent at this stage helps to ensure the weaving goes smoothly.

It does make me consider the importance of apprentices in most crafts; there are instances of medieval silkwomen having apprentices, and it can be assumed that the apprentice would be first given jobs such as warping. But, get this otherwise monotonus job wrong, the whole project would go wrong. Yes, I could do with an apprentice I think!

I've also noticed that the silk is reacting differently to this consistant damp, which is interesting. I've always known that silk, being a natural material, reacts to central heating for instance - it gets more static. But it is a little lack-lustre, which isn't the best way to describe it actually, but I can't think of another word! Either way, it did seem to make the warping a little easier. I've not really noticed a difference in weaving thankfully.

Well, they are promising a bit of sun tomorrow for our area. Here's hoping....

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