Thursday, October 25, 2007


At least we are having a lovely autumn after the horrid summer we were dealt. It's so nice to have some bright sunshine! I think I'm wearing a coat less now than I was in June...

The Scottish tassels are finished and delivered. I did use Royal Mail in the end - they were the only ones who could give me an insurance level I was happy with. At least by Special Delivery they arrived on time. Everything else I have posted over the last week is either still lost in space or only just arriving. Irritating.

I was lucky enough to find a proper second-hand bookstore last week - you know the type - more books than anyone will ever want and that proper musty smell. It was a wonderful warren of little rooms and corridors with books absolutley everywhere. I think I could have lived there... Not a second-hand bookstore where everything looks brand-new (as most charity bookstores are these days). I came away with some Costume Society journals from the late 70's and early 80's which I am quite thrilled about, as well as a general book on buttons, and one on the History of Underwear. All of these have info about buttons - I've also been in touch with someone discussing the use of Dorset knob/high top buttons much later than other publications I have state their use, which is really great. I'll be updating some of my info once it's all compiled. That's something quite nice about the internet, people do get in touch and add more to your knowledge. It never ceases to amaze me how generous textile peole are with information. I dare say I will be back at that shop in the very near future - I mean, I did manage to get rid of alot of books during the summer, so surely they can be replaced? :-)

And today, I will mostly be making laces...

(to replace those lost in the postal otherworld)

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