Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Online shop now open!

Yes, that's my big news. My online shop is finally open - although by no means full yet!

The shop will, on the whole, have examples of items which can be made to order. This should make it much easier for people, as I do get alot of enquiries, I'm hoping this will anser many of them. And of course, help people to realise that I do quite a few items which some won't automatically think I do.

There will be one-offs in the shop too as time goes on. These will sometimes be trials or prototypes, or simply something that I enjoy making.

And to that end, my newest Leek button -

I've had it in my head for some time that it would be possible to make a Union Jack using the Leek method, but hadn't actually done it. So, I was very pleased when it worked. It may not be a historical button, but it's fun, don't you think?

The Scottish Tassels are complete, with the exception of some final steaming and trying to get some good photography. I also need to find a good courier, now that Royal Mail keeps striking. I really don't want to trust them with these. Which is a shame, as my post office is a community-owned post office (Royal Mail decided to close it a few years back, and the village bought it) so I do try to use it on a very regular basis - if you want to keep something, it has to be used.

Back to the daily grind then....


  1. looks fab, congratulations!

    ps there's a dodgy link to the blog from the shop.

  2. Thanks Ruth!

    ...and the link's been fixed, ta!

  3. Love the Union Jack button. :)

    Haven't checked out the shop yet.


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