Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Catching up

It's been a very busy couple of weeks for me, and at times, quite stressful too. We've all had flu, which hasn't made life any easier, and of course hubby gets 'man-flu' - which I'm sure all of you women will understand!

I'm happy to say that my book, Tak V Bowes Departed, is now back in stock. It's quite amazing how popular it's been, and thank you again to all who have bought it and given such lovely feedback. It's lovely to know it's being well-used by other interested in braiding.

Of course, I've been busy getting my shop up and running, and there's still so much to add to it. There are more 'in stock' items now, but the real choice comes with the 'made-to-order' items; the point is to give as many ideas for people as possible. This is mainly because I've found that someone who may know me for my Georgian buttons for instance, won't realise I also weave medieval girdles. Hoepfully, long-term the shop will make things clearer for everyone.

That hasn't stopped me from making new items, and finishing off other projects though. The project for the gold stars is nearing completion now - the silk velvet has been dyed with indigo and the stars laid onto the surface. Sterling silver spangles have also been added. The edges will have a tablet woven ribbon, woven as the sides are sewn, which is currently being completed. As its still a top secret project, I won't be showing pictures for a while, but it is coming along nicely.

I finally managed to get my own copy of Janet Arnold's 'Queen Elizabeth's Wardobe unlock'd' - just skimming through it is wonderful. I couldn't resist re-creating a "true-love knot", as shown in the book. Having good, clear photography in a publication is so nice. Blogger doesn't want me to upload pictures today, so I will try again next time!

I'm about to start a gold brocade, tablet woven band based on the Saxon finds at Taplow. I am looking forward to this commission; the wool will be hand dyed, and I will be using plate gold, so even more interesting. Everything is underway to begin this in the next week or so.

And of course, as ever - the "day job" has been busy busy!

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