Monday, November 19, 2007

Johnny Depp wears cartwheel buttons

Well, I wanted a picture of Johnny Depp that actually showed one of my buttons, and I have it - which I have to admit to being quite surprised about! I really didn't expect to actually see any of the buttons as they are shirt buttons, so usually hidden from view. Isn't it nice that his cravat isn't tied tightly? It's especially nice because the work I've done for theatres has always meant that the photos I do get are for my use only and can't be reproduced, whereas this one can. Thanks to the Johnny Depp Zone website.

I did say I'd try again to post a picture of my true love knot, so here it is.

I am currently very irriated with modern technology, as one of my CDs has decided not to open. Quite an important one with alot of images of my work and quite a bit of research and one which was taken from my old computer, so the work isn't even on the hard drive. I'm hoping that a scratch repair kit will help. So, CDs that are meant to last a lifetime can't even last a year. What is the point? I try to save a paper by not printing everything out, yet that seems the only way to ensure that I have the info.


  1. there is an even better button shot here:

    very exciting! good excuse for me to see this film (not that I needed one...)
    sorry to hear about your CD, that's awful!
    hope there is some way to fix it. I can try it on my computer if you like, sometimes that works?

  2. Thanks Ruth, that is a better picture! Actually, the CD repair kit came today and it actually worked - I can't believe it.

  3. That's so cool. I didn't know you were making buttons for the "Demon Barber".

    I honestly don't believe print is dead. I'd still make a backup paper copy and probably two back up CDs, or one of the pocket USB drives.

    Beautiful "Love Knot".


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