Thursday, December 13, 2007

Green & Gold and IMC 2008

Gosh isn't it cold! At least it's bright out there - far better than dark and damp!

The brocaded band is going really well so far (touch wood!). I am really enjoying it - and I have to say that it hasn't taken as long as I thought it might so far (about 90cm complete now). Perhaps the colours are putting me into the Christmas mood?

I did make the right choice to set up the band on the inkle loom. It has ensured that the metal has stayed as flat as possible, and has made the working area easier in my opinion. I prefer to work brocade - and some other complicated weaves - sitting with the loom in front of me, not at the side. I find that if it is to the side and I am leaning over to count tablets I end up with quite a bad backache from the twisting.

I'm considering trying a short video to show the brocading process, as I know it's of interest to some. If I mange to succeed (lighting can be such a problem) I'll post it up here.

Other exciting news, Soper Lane will be hosting a session at the International Medieval Congress 2008 (Leeds). Details are as follows -

Session 718
Title: 'The hole craft of silkwork': The Art and Trade of the London Silkwomen
Abstract: This session, the title of which is taken from a 1482 petition to Parliament, will examine several aspects of the craft of the London silkwomen, using a range of documentary and art sources. The first paper looks at the networks formed by silkwomen and their wide variety of associates as shown in public and private documents. The second estimates the size of the craft when at its height and reflects on the difficulties encountered in this. The third paper discusses the items made by silkwomen and the importance of combining the art and documentary sources when considering their construction.

Paper -a The Networks of Silkwomen in Medieval London
Speaker: Machi Sasai, School of Humanities & Sciences, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo

Paper -b 'Many goode householdes kept': Estimating the Size of the Craft in the 15th Century
Speaker: Elizabeth S. Benns

Paper -c The Art of the Silkwomen
Speaker: Gina Barrett, Soper Lane

Session Time: Tue. 08 July - 14.15-15.45

Any changes or other information in the coming months will be added to the Soper Lane website.


  1. it so exiting to see the progress on the band!
    i can't wait to see that movie, i hope you can get some good lighting :)

  2. "Soper Lane will be hosting a session at the International Medieval Congress"

    Woo hoo! great stuff!

    Brocade looks pretty damn fine too.


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