Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gold brocade complete - and embroidered buttons

The Taplow band is now complete, and will now go out to the costumier who is making the tunic it will trim. I am quite surprised at how flexible the finished band is, normally I weave so tightly that my bands are quite stiff. However, the width of the gold plate (1mm) limited how tightly I could beat this piece. It moves very well, and I think will work perfectly for trim. Hopefully, I will get a picture of the finished tunic.

Other little projects I have been working on - some large embroidered Georgian style buttons. I wanted to work out a pattern for the discs, what size fabric I needed and so on, and so made these. The gold spangle in the centre of each is antique - and I only had 10 - so, the buttons pictured at the bottom are variations as I'd already marked out for 12! :)

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, despite the fact that there aren't enough for a Georgian coat. The molds for these are simply cardboard and it works well, as the silk ground has a linen backing (I stretched the linen to the frame and then tacked on the silk), so the buttons have enough bulk without being too large to use. Although to be fair, most buttons of this type were never actually used on a Georgian court coat - the coat was left opened to show the stunning waistcoat. (Some even have only a few buttonholes stitched). I've decided that I like the effect of the large spangle so much I will have to source more - the ones I had were from a Victorian box of goldwork material (some lovely items in that). The other spangles are sterling silver.

Being able to occasionally get hold of old materials has just been a big help. I'm currently sourcing materials for a recreation of a medieval band for a museum, and the French metallic threads I bought happened to have one reel of silver, twisted in 3 strands. One of the strands is just the size and type I need, and much finer than I would be able to find as a standard - so I sent some off to Benton & Johnson and they are able to match it for me. I'm thrilled - I really thought I'd have to unstrand all of the antique stuff - and clean it....


  1. all lovely! Great to see the band finished and those buttons are great! I love that style of button and the orange silk is fantastic!

  2. The brocade band is incredible, so beautiful!


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