Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Embroidering a 17c phone case!

Sorry it's been a little while; I have been so busy with projects and work just lately. I have been working on a few projects for Luton Museum - two purses and a reconstruction of a braid recovered during a dig. The sourcing of materials for the braid took a little time, but I think I may be on the right track. I will post more pictures of this as the project progresses.

Regular work has also been busy, but alot of the time has been taken up the continuing revamp of our house. And planning birthdays and our anniversary (23 years this year!). I'm sure the house will finally be the way I want it this year. Well, that's the theory anyway.

In between time, I embroidered a little case for my new mobile phone. It was a nice way to refamiliarise myself with some embroidery stitches I haven't used in a while and a phone case is small enough to be able to work when taking a break from commissions. The pattern designs are based on some found on a 17th c jacket which is in the V&A - it is shown in 'Historical Fashion in Detail'. (A truley inspiring book...) . I have used silks and antique gold threads, alongwith silver spangles. The very intense red and darkest blue are commercially dyed, the other colours all hand dyed. I am really pleased with the result, the shame is that it gets hidden in my handbag!

I also very happily worked on some mini puncushions, using an idea I saw in a magazine. As I like to have a different box (or more often tin) for each type of project and the tools that go with it, I usually also need a pincushion for each. I made about 5 in an evening, although one has been rendered unusable as my cat just loves it. She hasn't torn it up or anything, just steals it to play with, so I won't be putting any pins in that one.


Other news - I am very pleased to have been asked to speak at the forthcoming Study Day organised by the East Midlands Branch of the Richard III Society. The theme for the day will be "Peasantry, Gentry and Nobility"

This study day will take place on Saturday June 21st at the Leicester Adult Education Collage and the full list of speakers is as follows:

"A Peasant's life in Medieval England" by Gareth King
"The Paston Family" by Dr Helen Castor
The Silk Weavers of Soper Lane" by me!
"The Kingmaker's Sisters" by David Baldwin


So, did you feel the earthquake last night? Weird. I though my chimmney had fallen (it is a very old house!) - it was the only explanation my mind could come up with! Is it just me, or are these tremours becoming more frequent? I don't remember any when I was a kid.


  1. I LOVE your phone case! It's very elegant.

    And my sister, who lives in Sheffield, told me, she thought the entire wall had fallen. Her flatmate form India said stoical "it's just an eathquake".

  2. Thank you Basia!

    Well, after seeing more non-news about it every time I turned on the news, I feel I now have to agree with that comment - it was JUST an earthquake! :)

  3. They're so cute!! I love them too!

  4. very nice! what a well-appointed phone!


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