Friday, February 01, 2008

The longest month....

I don't know why, but January always seems such a long month. Probably because it's one month I'm never very keen on (who is?) but it always seems to really drag. Still, it's over now, alongwith all of the paperwork and everything else that goes with it. The holidays are now just a distant memory.

Its been a busy couple of weeks for me. Besides all of the mudane things that have gone wrong (family illness, car, house, you know how it is), I have still managed to be pretty creative. I've had a large tassel do make, and am working on some proposals for Luton Museums for some re-created items. Sourcing a close type of gold and silver thread is always interesting.

My nicest news was finding a coat in the sales. A few years ago I wouldn't have bothered buying it, despite liking the style (and price!), because the buttons were, quite frankly, horrible. More annoying, they hadn't been sewn on well at all. That really irritates me - what's the point of putting buttons on if they aren't going to be sewn properly? Anyway, as soon as I saw this however, I knew that my embroidered buttons would look great. However, as opposed to simply replacing the buttons, I took my time and made the buttons removeable - I can now make another set for those days when orange just won't go. Not everyone knows how to do this, but it is a nice way of adding new life to an item, and by making the buttons removeable, you can still clean the item without ruining fancy buttons.

Basically, you sew an additional, smaller button to the reverse of each button, making sure that you create a shank (needleweaving works well for this, but you can just wrap the shank). The secret is to have your shank the right length to ensure that TWO layers of the material will fit. Then - and here's the part alot of people don't like - you need to remove the old button and make a buttonhole in it's place - to fit the SMALL button. Then, you simply pop the small button into the small buttonhole (the larger button will cover the buttonhole edging and no-one will be any the wiser), and button up the garment as normal. I love using this method - it's a great way to update cardigans too!

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  1. sounds fabulous. We all need orange silk embroidered buttons! well, i do anyway!


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