Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Keeping very busy....

It seems to be a really busy time of year for me at the moment, but I do seem to work best when I am busy. I've done two trials for the Luton braid reconstruction I am working on and still am not entirely happy with the results. I have decided to order slightly thicker gilt and silver threads, but these need to be specially made, so that is now on hold for a week or two. I am also working on two purses for the museum; a small silk velvet drawstring bag, which will be trimmed with silk and gold, and a leather bar purse, also to be trimmed with silk. The leather has just arrived (authentically tanned) and is lovely - almost a shame to cut it!

Besides that, I had a 'brainstorm' and decided to re-upholster two wing chairs that belonged to my late mother-in-law. I haven't actually started, but have bought the fabric - quite a lovely one! and will begin stripping one of the chairs this weekend. I know, insane, but I am looking forward to it.

And with all that, I also have an embroidered hanging to begin. The sketches are complete, almost all of the materials ready, and the ground fabric stretched onto the frame. This will be my 'chill-out' project, as I always find embroidery quite relaxing. Mind you, I do intend to try 'or nue' on part of it, a technique which I have been warned is exceptionally time-consuming, but the final effect can be so startling that I do want to attempt it at least once.

So, pictures of the various projects should be posted soon, as they happen!

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  1. sounds good! Look forward to seeing these! Or Nue is fabulous, i'm sure you will enjoy it!


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