Friday, April 04, 2008

Purple or green, that is the question....

My previous post was quite right - it has been a busy time! Still, a couple of the projects are now completed, and I'm very happy with them.

Above is the velvet purse for Luton Museums, silk velvet hand dyed with woad with all tassels and laces also hand dyed and of filament silk. The knots are gilt gimp (from Benton & Johnson - I love that company!) And below is the leather purse (for Luton again) - the leather is naturally tanned sheepskin from Traditional Materials - lovely to sew and a beautiful colour, lined with brown silk. The tassels are hand dyed filament silk, again with gilt gimp knots. The purse bar is from Medieval Designs in Italy - I really like the simplicity of this design, and it is very well made and their service is very good. (They have an English version of their website - do click on the link on the home page if you need it!)

I should have the new supplies for the braid shortly, so hopefully the larger sizes will be what I need and the reconstruction will work. I am looking forward to it, but I think it will be quite shocking - the original is an archaeological find, so is dirty, tarnished, etc. Using new gilt and silver threads, with natural silk gives an overall impression of white (as it's so shiny) - very different to the current look of the original!

One of the chairs is also re-upholstered - the fabric doesn't look quite as yummy as it actually is in the photo below, its more of an 'icy' tone - quite hard to describe. It would make a lovely coat. Would it be so wrong to have a coat that matches your chairs?!! It would be quite naff I know, but it is sooo tempting as I'm pretty sure I'll have more than enough fabric left (had to buy a whole roll you see...)

My hubby and I have just about finished redecorating the spare room. The main wall really needed something, which is quite hard to decide just what - we both paint and create and so on, and deciding what would look right, bearing in mind what's on the other walls, was proving to be a bit of a nightmare. So, we decided not to commit, and go for something in a style neither of us have ever really worked on. And on Sunday, we had extra time, as we spent the day waiting for someone who ended up not arriving - you know, you feel you can't quite get stuck into anything? So, using some of the same paint we used for the walls, and some off-white cotton fabric, we made up interesting pieces of patterned fabric, cut them out, scrapped a few which weren't right, and sewed them onto another piece along with jet beads from my 'I'll use this someday' box, ribbons braids, tassels and other bits I've played around with, and some buttons - including covered buttons using more of the printed fabric. We enjoyed collaborating so much (we usually just add our two-penneth to each other's projects) that we are already planning something quite extravagant - and quite different - for the next piece....

My embroidered hanging has also been started. I was going to post a work-in-progress, but it really doesn't make any sense at this stage, so it will have to wait...

And THE question? Well, when the front room has been redecorated, the craft/art/messy project room will be. And I can't decide between purple or green walls. Deep purple, or lime /apple green (depends on the manufacturer!). Most of the walls are covered with shelves, which in turn are covered in books and boxes of stuff, so to be fair, it isn't as drastic as it sounds to want to paint all of the walls such an intense colour, you won't see much of it! But I simply can't decide which I'd prefer...

They say it will snow this weekend, so keep warm everyone!

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  1. Beautiful purses! And gilt gimp sounds great, I really have to take a look at their website

    Enjoy the decorating!


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