Monday, May 12, 2008

Gold & Silver Braid

Here's my final reconstruction of the gold & silver braid for Luton Museum. I'm very pleased with the end result, although it was a little awkward to weave; the silver weft kept breaking the very fine silk warps either side, despite my best efforts at not letting it touch! The picots were fun- using a pin to twist them - something I hadn't tried before. All in all, very pleased.


  1. I love the braid, i've never been so ambitious as to try and do something with gold and silver threads, i think i need to make myself a proper loom before i try. Until then i will stick to wool braids and practicing patterns.

    Have fun


  2. Constance, there are so many good synthetic metallic threads around these days that you could always get these to practice with - it makes using the 'real' thing less daunting.

  3. This is lovely! When you say that you twisted the picots with a pin - did you do that while weaving, or after it was done?

  4. Thank Michael! Yes, as the picots are formed by extending the weft at every other pass, the twist needs to be put in at that point. I only needed to use two pins - one either side as at the next pass the weft is brought in and it holds. It worked very well with the metal thread - I haven't tried it with non-metal yet, not sure if the twist would stay or not.


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