Friday, May 09, 2008

I am glad it's May....

April was, quite frankly, a horrible month, hence no posting at all. I am glad that it's over with - things can only get better...

Still, despite a major 'stall' being put on all projects, I did manage to work the first trial of the Luton braid, and even that I merrily did incorrectly. A lovely braid nonetheless, but not something which mimicks the original correctly as my concentration levels weren't what they should have been. The picots either side just aren't 'right'. So, I have begun again, and thanksfully the new braid on the loom is just what I was aiming for.

(The first Luton braid, silver, silver gilt and silk threads)

I also made these lovely girdle tassels for Emma from Raphael Falconry. The black and green are filament silk (over wooden molds for the ball shapes) with a filament silk skirt. The lattice work is real gold thread, with the knots made of gilt gimp. The lattic work took alot of time, but really made a difference to the overall effect I think - especially when you see the final result below of Emma in her finery (all wonderfully made by Ninya Mikhaila).

Tudor-style girdle tassels

Emma in her finery

All other projects went to standby, so I've nothing to report with any of them I'm afraid! So, onwards and upwards and here's hoping that May is a good month!

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  1. oohhh what a beautiful colour that is! so striking with the black. I love that style headdress, unfortunately it is a little late for my costumes :-)

    P.S love the tassels



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