Friday, June 27, 2008

First tassel complete

The Richard III Society study day at the weekend was really enjoyable - there was a terrific turnout, the other speakers were very interesting and I met some really nice people. It was also perfectly organised, something which always makes things like this go well.

Now, to get my Leeds paper completed. I always seem to make another change each time I read it. I'll probably still be doing that the night before....

The first of the tassels is now repaired. This is the one that was in pieces. I have really enjoyed working on this. Isn't it wonderfully mad? I just love it.
Above, you can see the old and new together. As you can see, the cord and the skirt remain original, although the skirt on the 'new' has been cleaned and turned, so that the slightly less damaged and brighter silk shows through. Likewise, the rosettes keep what silk was there originally, which is why they are a beige colour as opposed to white, while the centre buttons have been recovered. The gold decorative cord was all re-used by cleaning and turning it. Surprisingly, there's actually more damage to the wood moulds on the 'old' tassels - quite a few of them are broken and will need repair.

Above shows the embrace coulant, again I was able to re-use the gold decorative cord, but as with the tassels, all of the red and white cords needed to be made. With this, I also had to spin up some gold silk for the decorative stitching, as the weight of the original thread isn't a 'standard' today.

So I'm now looking forward to getting on with the next one...

And other than that? Well, my garden has been the best place to be. We set up a bird feeding station in January, and we have been more than rewarded. Baby birds galore! Robins, blue tits, great tits, wrens, gold finches (which are really really greedy) chaffinches, and lots of others, and yesterday a baby woodpecker. Still no baby pigeon though... And despite seeing some birds regularly (such as wagtails) I haven't seen their young yet) So, with those and the owls and pheasants and rabbits and bats, I reckon they could have filmed Springwatch in my back garden!


  1. Wow... the difference on those is *startling.* As always, you do such impeccable work!

  2. Hi - I've just started reading your blog ... and .... WOW!


  3. Thank you! They certainly make me want huge mad tassels on my own curtains...

    Michael, thanks again for the use of those pictures - I think you've probably had some visits to the site, people were totally fascinated, especially by the cocoons I took along!

  4. As always...absolutely STUNNING work.

  5. amazing work on the tassel restoration.


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