Monday, June 16, 2008

More tasseling

The silk has arrived, and work on the 18th c tassels has begun. I am working on one tassel at a time, and have removed all of the old silk, retaining the decorative cords where ever possible, and making very complete notes of the silk, how it's wrapped, the mold shapes and sizes. Above, you can see some of the molds in various stages of completion - the white ones remain white, with no other decoration. The flat blue ones also have no other decoration, while the others will have quite a bit to add. You can see that I have begun putting the original red cord back - some was too damaged to use and I will be winding some to match - it like the white cord that will need replacing, will require me to make a fine gimp thread first. The gold braid, though quite worn, will be able to be used again. I also have to repair one of the molds, which has a decent enough piece missing to make re-wrapping in it's current state impossible.

However, the big thing this week is finalising my talk for the Richard III East Midlands Branch Study Day on Saturday. All's going well, but can I find an image I particularly wanted to show? It's on one of the many CDs I have, but it hasn't made it's appearance yet. I'm really looking forward to this study day, there will be quite a few interesting speakers and from what I understand, quite a few tickets have been booked.

So, alot of this week will be put to use writing - my IMC paper also has some fine tweaks required, and then straight into a piece for the Braid Society. It's all go...

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