Monday, July 21, 2008

Grene dorge and gimp machine

Pretty silk laces! Happily, these laces have safely arrived with the customer in the US, so I can now put up the picture. The wonderful aiglets are hand-crafted silver-gilt, as always perfectly made and fitted by Gary Smedley. The name of the design used for these is the Grene Dorge (instructions can be found in my book, Tak V Bowes Departed) and it's always a pleasing braid, both to work and to look at.
My clever, talented and wonderful husband has made me a gimp machine - basically a motor to turn the core thread while I wrap so now I can do lovely long lengths. It's on a stand, and I can move it to wherever I want - its great having a husband who can work these things out for me! Of course, I'll need practice to get the gimp smooth and even, but it does mean that I will finally be able to sit down and try some Georgian fly fringe. I love the stuff, and have been wanting to give it a go for ages now.


  1. A gimp machine???
    I think I want to swap husbands with you ;-)
    I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your machine sometime!!!

  2. Can you post a picture of the machine? I would like to see what it looks like.


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