Friday, July 18, 2008

It went well

The Soper Lane session (The Hole Craft of Silkwork) at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds went well - it was very well attended and we had alot of good questions afterwards as well. The picture above was taken during the question time. (me checking a picture reference!)

Many thanks from both Elizabeth and I must go to Debbie, our moderator, who did a fine job, and Machi Sasai, who's paper (The Connections of Silkwomen in Medieval London) was very interesting and contributed greatly to our knowledge of silkwomen in London and shed light on many working relationships. Elizabeth's paper, (Many Goode Householdes Kept: Estimating the size of the Craft in the 15th Century) gave us some very interesting details of the number of women working as silkwomen - she really has found quite a few! My own paper, (The Art of the Silkwomen) I hope gave listeners a better understanding of what medieval silkwomen actually did! There is a possibility that the three papers will be linked together, a section on silk dyeing added and then published. So, fingers crossed on that one!

Although because of travelling time (I was only able to attend for the day due to other commitments) I wasn't really on campus for very long, but I was very pleased to meet some people I only know of by name, and to see some old friends who I haven't seen 'in the flesh' for some time (you know who you are!). It was also very nice to co-ordinate some research, and begin talking about new avenues to persue.

This past weekend we rather insanely decided to reupholster our Victorian settee. Don't try this at home! I'm still aching, that was seriously hard work. At least now it time for the fun stuff - attaching nice hand-made cords on all the seams and making new cushions and curtain tassels to co-ordinate. I figure because I make these things, I can't really pop into a shop and buy some, can I?

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