Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More tassel pictures and site link

Busy, busy, busy! Still, 'tis always better to be busy than not. I'll soon be starting on a new brocaded band - this time silk, based on one circa 1370, so I am really looking forward to this.

I have discovered a fantastic new site and so am going to spout about it! 'Your Wardrobe Unlock'd' is a new(ish) online magazine with totally fantastic articles. I have already 'wasted' too much time trying to catch up. You do have to subscribe, but i think its very worth the price (cheaper than alot of fashion magazines) and that means that the level of articles are very high, due to the fact that there's money to pay the contributors. If you are interested in making historical costume I really would recommend this site. And until the end of Aug there are some subscription offers on at the moment (looks like I found it in time, haha!) Anyway - here's the link -

Your Wardrobe Unlock'd: the costume maker's companion

So, pictures of more tassels - these are for myself - the first time in ages I have made something for my own home, but re-upholstering the settee meant that the rest of the room had to be brought up to date. Now my little cottage is beginning to look quite grand... ;-)

Above is a close-up of the main tassels (click for a full version). The yellow threads are vegetable-dyed wool, which helps to add bulk, and I prefer the way that wool can be on the ruff for a very full effect. The wool also brought the shiny silk more into line with the fabric used on the settee, by toning it all down a little.

The arrangement at the top of the curtain - the tassels hang from deaths' head leek buttons. The burgundy fabric at the top will have a fly fringe across it to soften the harsh line, but I haven't finished that yet...

Above is one of two matching little bolster tassels - you can see what I mean about the wool matches with the fabric better.

Unbelievably, my 'Tassel Assassin' (see below), hasn't yet destroyed the bolster cushions, despite them being in place for two weeks. I think he's just decided that the bolster is too comfy to wreck, although of course now I've put it into words I have tempted fate and he'll probably destroy them this evening.

(yeah, I know, butter wouldn't melt... )

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