Friday, October 17, 2008

A little break

Mental note: I must keep the blog up-to-date...

Still working on the brocade, slowly but surely! I did take a little break however to pick apples as it couldn't wait any longer, my trees are heaving with the weight. I am still working my way through the bags to try to make them last - alot of peeling, coring, blanching and freezing. At this time of year I also start eating alot of dessert, as it's horrid to think the apples might go to waste! (its a good excuse for apple pie though, isn't it?)

And one other little job in between weaving - making these two buttons for my friend Ruth, to match the bit of fabric she sent through. They are quite small buttons, and use hand-dyed silk, - it was great that I had in stock the perfect colours.

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  1. Wow - they are gorgeous!

    It's almost apricot (and general stone fruit) season here in Australia - I'm looking forward to that!


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