Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Medieval gold brocade

Here's my current project on the loom. A very narrow silk ribbon, tablet woven and brocaded. The ribbon is 1.2cm wide, and is loosely based on one recovered in Deventer, which dates from the 14th century. The original is not described as being brocaded, and although it does appear to be - using silk probably as opposed to metal threads - the pattern was the basis for this band. It is possible that the original is a pattern weave, although in the one black and white picture available there does appear to be floats on the reverse of the band.
This is taking me forever! I do enjoy brocade, the end result is so pretty, but as this is so fine it does seem to be going on forever, I sometimes wonder if I will ever finish it! ;-) One pattern repeat is approx. 7mm long, and that takes, on average, 15 minutes. I have managed to cut that down a little when I get going, but you can tell from those numbers that this will be a long project. However, I know that ultimately it is going to grace a hood, for a member of a very good living history group, and it is always nice to know that something is going to be used 'properly'!
And so, I should get on with it!


  1. it looks fabulous!
    i'll show bertus as soon as he get's back home from work :)

    (you have no idea how often i checked your blog these last few days!!!)

  2. Pleaaase do finish it 8-D
    Looking wonderful so far!

  3. Wow - it's SO gorgeous!

  4. Thank you all. Of course I'll finish it Bertus! It was hard to photograph Isis, sorry you had some 'false' visits! :-)


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