Friday, November 28, 2008

Nearly there!

Only 7cm to go on the gold brocade! So someone may well be getting it in time for Christmas... (though I really don't want to tempt fate at this point). And then, in the new year, I will be starting on another, although this time it will use gold plate, so the going will be quicker.

I realise that my blog hasn't exactly been visual lately, so next year I will try to do better.

Thanks to those of you who replied to my question, it was rather as I thought, tassels always seem to be the most popular, which at least means my idea is on the right track. So, in tying both together, (pictures and questions) here's a picture of a tassel based on those found on purses from the 16-17c. I think I have pretty much figured out the technique, though it does seem that every one I see is slightly different. That would make sense, as the ground weave can be done in a number of ways, so it would have been down to the individual maker's own choice. But now, to figure out how to explain it in simple and clear terms. Should be interesting.

Tomorrow I may well be spinning, if my friend Ruth can figure out the old spinning wheel I was given years ago. (And of course that there's nothing missing - it was part of a shop window display for years!)


  1. What a lovely little tassel! I would love to learn how to make that.

    Being a visual learner, the best explanation for me would be photographic. I am looking forward to future posts about tassels!

  2. aaaa. the pressure... i hope I can make it work....

    looking forward to seeing that tassel!


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