Friday, November 14, 2008

Some more suppliers

I think I must have broken through my glass ceiling, as the weaving seems to be going much quicker than it has been. I've got a rhythm to it now - something which seemed to be missing before and what made it difficult; I find I thoroughly enjoy weaving when I have a good rhythm. I have even managed to shave 5 minutes off the time for a pattern repeat, so it now only takes, on average, 10 minutes for 7 mm...!

I've been restocking some of my supplies and have found some great suppliers out there. One, Silken Strands, has been particularly helpful and best of all, they do a very large range of gimps (rayon) in a good variety of both colours and quantities. It is called Bourdon cord on their website. The gimp is nice quality, quite fine, and there are a whole range of colours which actually match very well with hand-dyed silks so nothing too garish even though it's not silk wrapped. They haven't got online shopping facilities, but they have been so quick and helpful, its worth the extra effort.

I also placed my first order with Lacis, and I managed to behave myself as looking through tools can be very tempting. And, hurrah! they do button pins. I have been looking for these everywhere, and simply can't seem to find them in this country. I'm really pleased by that. They despatched very quickly - in fact their order arrived before one made in the UK so that was brilliant. I'll photograph them as soon as I have the chance.

I am also at the very beginning stages of two projects and so I'd like to ask you all - what passementerie technique you'd really like to learn?


  1. I've looked through your website re something I'd like to learn, and had brain failure, I'm afraid. It's ALL so gorgeous.
    The tassel you made recently was fantastic.

  2. I would REALLY like to know how to make the fancy embroidered tassels like on the ends of some of the Elizabethan sweet bags.



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