Friday, December 12, 2008


The brocaded band had arrived safely in the Netherlands - hurrah! That is the worse bit; waiting for something to arrive safely. I have terrible visions of having to re-do something because the postal system screws up. This is to trim a hood, and I can't wait to see it complete. The 2% gold plate has arrived for the next big brocade project, but the wool hasn't (though I don't expect that for another couple of weeks).

I did say I'd keep my blog more visual, but as I've been writing and researching, (my main job for the month) there's not alot to photograph, so here's a pic of my lovely cats all cosy in front of the fire yesterday. Oh to be a cat, no stress, just lots of cuddles...


  1. Hi, found your blog through Emsley Rose. Lovely work, have done some historical costume work myself in the past and I can admire the work and level of skill I can see you are using on the website.
    Lovely pic of the cats too.

  2. Pussycats!

    I have 2 - one of which looks very similar to your white/grey.

  3. Thanks - they are lovely cats (when they aren't destroying tassels of course!)

  4. Of course I'll send in a photo once the hood is finished. Me and Isis made the pattern for it two years ago but I still have to start making the thing itself. 8-)
    Meanhwile, I have got word that the 12 silver gilded buttons that I ordered are almost finished, so things are progressing!


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