Friday, December 05, 2008

Tablet woven brocade, completed.

It's finished! Actually, I finished on Saturday, in time to clear the loom from the front room so that I could entertain, but it has taken me a few days to get a decent picture, thanks to the poor lighting and my not-so-good camera skills! Gold threads are difficult to photograph at the best of times.

The thing is, these bands were originally meant to give the impression of solid gold. They were most often seen inside, by candlelight. So, the gold sparkles and the ground weave fades off. Modern cameras and lighting however are so sharp and clear, that every bit shows up - its not always a Good Thing!

On another note, I was given a fantastic present this weekend - some lovely antique netting needles, including a couple of super-fine ones, and even more exciting, some original button moulds! In a size which is really hard to find today, and even harder to have made, as they are small so a bit of a pain for woodturners to bother with. I was so thrilled by them I sat and sorted them all out into sizes and threaded them into matching sets. Simple pleasures! Also, if I can removed a jammed piece of my spinning wheel, I should be able to get it working - there doesn't seem to be any pieces missing, and at least I now understand what it should do. My intention is to ultimately use it for plying silk as I do find it hard to find weights I need for specific historic projects.

So, I now have a little bit of a 'breather' before major work starts again, primarily because I will be waiting about a month for the supplies for the next bit of weaving to come through. I'll be working on the various writing/research projects I have promised - starting well in advance, seeing as two aren't needed until the summer. Sometimes I surprise myself by my organisation. (ha, I can actually see myself getting totally sidetracked and working on something else entirely, in the name of research....)


  1. Prettyyy!!!
    I can't wait to see it for real 8-D

  2. the weaving is looking fabulous - and even better in person - well done!
    Glad you are happy with your very late birthday present.
    look forward to seeing what you do with the button moulds.

  3. I think I'm going to need a tissue, I'm dribbling so much!

    And what lovely lovely presents to receive!

  4. thank you all! Hope you like it Bertus!

  5. gina, it looks amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! i saw it in person last weekend :)
    it is so tiny!

  6. Thanks Isis, I'm so glad you like it! It is very fine - I'm going to have to start taking pitures with a penny as you really can't tell the size otherwise.

  7. I just saw this piece in "real life" this weekend: it's so beautiful!!!

  8. Thank you Machteld!


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