Monday, January 05, 2009

And a happy new year to you!

Here we are again, back in the swing of things perhaps! And snow too - my dog is a very happy chappy as he thinks snow is better than a ball! I hope everyone had a nice holiday, we got caught out just before the break with the horrid stomach bug thats going around, and to be honest, it's taken a while to feel recovered. Even now, our stomachs are still a bit tender which of course wasn't fun on Christmas day, and only the smallest drink to bring in the new year... Still, managed to have quite a creative period without turning on the computer for days (that in itself felt pretty good!) and managed to get quite some way with the various writing projects, including the illustrations. So, I should be well on my way for the deadlines I have to meet.

I have also started on the next commission of brocaded tablet weave - this time another Anglo-Saxon design, with gold plate (not gilt) and fine wool. The wool is a deep blue and the contrast with the gold is quite stunning. I have quite alot of this to do in a fairly short time, so this will be the main priority over the next month.

My website is in need of some updating; to this end I have finally added the report on the 18th century tassels which I restored and repaired. I put a note into this regarding dating simply from the item itself (which basically put it anywhere prior to the late 19th century), but as the tassels came from a small stately home, their own date of the 18th century (when the house itself was renovated) really should be trusted. You can find the pdf here.

And, in an effort to keep this blog a little visual, here's one of a set of four little purse tassels -

I actually thoroughly enjoyed doing the needlework on the pear-shaped mould, a technique called limace spirale in French, time-consuming as it was!

I also watched (probably) one too many repeats of costume dramas - there really is a woeful lack of leek buttons on film and tv, even the newer dramas. Shame that. Perhaps I ought to start up a Campaign for Leeks in Costume or something...

Happy new year to you all!


  1. This blue is fabulous, what a wonderful colour.

  2. Oh Wow!

    I didn't understand much of it - but what work! It was really good showing the unrestored tassel next to the restored one, to show what you'd done, and what it originally would have looked like!

    Re your comments on leek buttons - I have a fancy laced top or from HolyClothing and they use ordinary plastic buttons down the front, which is just shocking, as far as I'm concerned.

    When I get around to taking it in, I'm also going to buy some of your buttons, so it'll look so much spiffier! Not Leeks, I'm afraid - I want round buttons. But I'm doing my bit! *gr*

  3. I agree there should be more leek buttons ! they are lovely, and I've been paying much more attention to buttons and things since working on the tudor project... I was rather shocked at some of the closures used on film and tv over christmas, But everyone else watching comented on how easily shocked I am!and threw cushions....

  4. I know! too many boring closures all round methinks! Especially when you consider that huge industries were around to cope with the demand for thread buttons. And far too many machine-made 'wash buttons' on shirts, before they were developed...
    Jane, the blue is 'neon' from Devere Yarns. Its even nicer in the flesh.


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