Monday, January 26, 2009

Request for help

I'm trying to compile a list of existing tassels (including decorative knops) and anything resembling buttons (hand worked- not metal, wood, etc) pre about 1600/50 - particularly medieval - for a project I am working on. The theory is to try to map out a timeline of techniques used before the advent of the passementerie trade as we now know it. If you know of any - on the bottom of extant purses, or decorating anything else, could you let me know? Any info at all will be a big help, but if you do know where the item is held (or picture published) that will obviously be even better.



  1. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Paternosters should be a great source.

    I know that Chris Laning posted some in her blog
    There are more in the RealOnline database and Bildindex.

    Her blog is a great resource on paternosters - lots of paintings and such too

    Ronald Lightbown's Mediaeval European Jewellery has a chapter on Paternosters with pictures of extant ones too.

    Hope this helps. I would be very interested in what else you come up with!

  2. Thank you - I got out some of my notes last night and the paternoster site site is one I have noted to go and look at. Great minds think alike ;)


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