Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Start as I mean to go on..... let's hope not!

If it can go wrong it has it seems. Working merrily away on the new brocade tablet weave, only to notice a print-out of the last discussion with the client, where the number of edge tablets changed. And of course, I warped up to the original discussion. Most unlike me, I usually am very thorough with these things, I blame it on the 28 day waiting period for the wool to arrive... (I can't really continue to call myself 'stupid'!) So, I've warped up a new band and have started again. The silver lining? Well, I've almost caught up to where I was on Sunday when I discovered the mistake, but even better than that, the band looks much better somehow, so a bonus. And at least I will have a length of brocade for the portfolio! Hopefully 2009 won't be filled with silly mistakes (perhaps I am just getting old).

Another set of little purse tassels - this time using silk chenille for the skirt, to compliment the chenille embroidery on the bag. The bag's not quite complete, hence only a cropped pic!


  1. Mistakes or no, your work is always beautiful. I wish I could come to the UK and absorb some of your silk expertise!

  2. The purse is looking lovely!

    I recently had somebody ask me for "just a few inches of a silk brocade, to use for a talk" - I don't think she realized how hard those are to come by! I've learned to cherish the little off-cuts and errors, because they all seem to have a use eventually.

  3. Thanks very much! (I still have a lifetime's worth of learning!)

    Michael - haha 'a few inches' - I hope you didn't laught too hard ;-)


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