Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another brocaded band completed

Three and a half metres complete - in two pieces so that the long piece doesn't need to be cut when it is added to the coat.

Flattening the gold worked wonderfully. I placed the band face down on a glass placemat, and used a rolling pin to put an even pressure along the band. Not only did it do the obvious, which was to flatten the returns on the back of the band, it evened out the tone on the front as the gold has fewer 'bends' from the weaving. This has really helped it reflect the light better, which meant I actually managed a few photos I was happy with :-) It changed the flexibility of the band too - it is hard to explain as its something that really is more noticeable by feeling the band - it just felt different afterwards. I think it will be easier to sewn onto the garment as well.


  1. Wow, it's exquisite! I really need to try some of the flat gold one of these days - it's got a great look.

  2. This is really lovely!

  3. Thank you! The flat gold is interesting to work with, it takes a while to get it to turn at the back neatly, but it really does give a nice solid block.


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