Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally saw the film...

At the weekend we finally watched Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp. (Can you tell I don't go to the movies!) As a musical, not really my thing, (I much prefer the old favourites) though as expected, the imagery was totally Tim Burton and so that was enjoyable.

Of course we, (hubby and I) did rather spend the whole time shouting 'buttons' every time we got a good glimpse of the Dorsets I made for the film! It was quite thrilling that you could see them so often as well, when I watched the BBC broadcast of Richard II from the Globe I couldn't pinpoint anything much that I worked on due to the way it was filmed - the usual story really with such small items. It'd be just great to get my mitts on one of those 'blood' stained shirts with my buttons on it.

However, I still can't quite fathom why 300 of them were needed - dear ol' Johnny must have changed rather often ;)


  1. I thought of you when I watched Sweeney Todd on DVD a couple months ago.

  2. yay!
    I'm working on a "mrs lovett" style wedding gown at the moment inspired by the film ...lots of fun

  3. Ooh Jem, you must post photos when its finished - sounds great fun


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