Friday, March 27, 2009

Woo-hoo, new loom

All in all, March has been a pretty rubbish month. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel - I have my new loom!

This has been really carefully designed - now I just have to hope that it works just the way I want it to -

I should be able to weave both with tablets and with heddles (either string as in inkle or a rigid heddle). I also think it will still be suitable for items such as knotted fringe.

The longest warp length is 11.6m, so providing the tensioning device is long enough proportionally, I should be able to weave very long lengths in one go. (This was the only bit I was unsure of how to work out!)

The shortest warp length is about 1m, so it will also work for samples and trials.

The lower area (cloth beam), should be in a good position for a standard chair (like a dining chair) without having to be bent over the weaving, so hopefully a bit less backache. I prefer to sit in front of the weaving, but in theory I should be able to sit at the side should I prefer when tablet weaving, by setting the warp on one of the lower posts.

There are enough posts to not only be able to warp many different lengths in between, I will be able to use these for warps for braids, long cords, tassels and bullion, so less hassle with setting up other warping posts, and less equipment needed overall. It's sturdy enough that I will probably ending up screwing a small hook into it as a fixed point for fingerloop braiding too. (though I could just secure to one of the posts).

And, it doesn't actually take up much room at all - its only about 1m long. And, it's not too heavy considering (though it's not light).

So, not authentic, but, should be very very practical for me in my small house. There's nothing worse than having too many different looms and bits of equipment taking up my space! If the tensioning device is long enough for the longest warp, I think I am going to look into having these made for sale - probably only in the UK , as I can't imagine how it could be shipped overseas - I reckon I can't be the only one who really needs this... ;)


  1. It looks um, very technical.
    Like a lot of spiders with very short legs in a rugby scrum.

    But I hope it makes you happy!!!! :-) :-)

  2. Looks very complicated to me. Be interesting to see some pictures of it in action to see how it works.

    Have fun, jane

  3. Oh the joy of a new "toy". Don't forget those of us across the pond when you start selling those beauties.
    Tropical Twister
    Florida USA

  4. oooh do get some made up - i'm always lending my inkle loom to friends who are doing tablet weave but want to leave it all set up and not taking up too much space...


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