Thursday, April 09, 2009

Keeping on track....

I've recently received an image of the Tudor/Elizabethan overgown by Harman Hay, for which I made the decorative buttons, a la Janet Arnold. Of course, black on black isn't the easiest thing to see, but they are there!

I'm very busy at the moment, so if things go a bit quiet, you'll know why. Still finishing off the red brocade, and very near the end of my supply of gold plate. And the plate on order hasn't been made yet - though I'm promised they are catching up with their back orders (Good thing, as I have subsequently ordered quite a few different gilt and silver threads for other projects).

Girdle tassels, again for Tudor dress, seem to be quite the rage this year, and I have quite a few of these to complete, in different styles.

I also have a vast amount of weaving to complete. More on some of these as they are completed, but I have to say that at this point the new loom has worked brilliantly. The longest warp I've tried so far is 6m and everything's lovely - especially my sitting position. Both tablet and inkle so far are working as planned on the loom. Of course, having so much weaving lined up as work does mean I won't be able to fully 'stretch' the loom and tensioning device by using it at its longest warp, but I will certainly be able to ensure the strength -I tend to work at very tight tensioning when tablet weaving. And, as I hoped, it is also an excellent general warping frame - tassel warps for said girdle tassels are all measured and ready.

Hopefully you all will have a lovely Easter break, and perhaps those of us in the UK will get a nice Bank Holiday weekend? ;)

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  1. the dress is lovely! i love to see how every time a detail like buttons can make an outfit look just that more authentic!


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