Friday, May 01, 2009

A few more projects completed

Finally took some of the pictures off of my computer! So, here's just some of what I've been working on, and why I haven't posted in a while.

The new loom, warped up for tablet weaving - this was for a silk girdle. Unfortunately, the pictures of the finished girdle are blurry, but I've been promised some when the mounts have all been fitted.

This is a 3 metre warp, and because of the distance between the tablets and back beam, the twist did not build up too quickly, so I only needed 1 reversal.

Lots of tassels! (But not quite all of the ones I'm working on, they haven't all been delivered yet!)

The black & gold, and peach & gold are for use as girdle tassels. (A very popular item this year; I've had a few orders, and luckily every one has been different)

The tassel warps for the girdle tassels were all measured up on the new loom as well - no need to get out individual warping pegs and clamp them to the table and work surface. Very handy, especially with the bullion tassels, as I needed warps of 6 metres to create the bullions.

And the second gold plate brocade. I really do like it in the red - it's quite surprising how the same design can look so different due to the ground colour, because of the way the gold reflects the colour.
I am now working on gold & silver braid - tabby woven, and on the new loom. The order is about halfway complete.
I have also been spending lots of time sorting out silk supplies for a big, very rushed job. Discussions began in Feb, but nothing was finalised until the end of last week! Of course, the date they are needed by hasn't changed and so I truly will be weaving like a lunatic when the silk arrives - a week has already been lost sorting that out.


  1. Wow, you have been/are busy. Those tassels are georgous.


  2. When I get around to making my footclothe for my saddle, we're going to have to talk about "woven bling".

    Truly amazing stuff!


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