Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long week of weaving

I am still weaving...

Moved the big loom into my sitting room as Togo has a weird thing about the dining room, since we put the new floor in, he will only go into it when we have guests. So, he has happily rested by me as I weave. Now, for those of you who have seen my tiny sitting room, you'll be wondering how on earth it all fits. I'm still wondering, but, when I had the loom made I did measure the small distance between the settee and wall to ensure that it would fit. Just.

So, the pic above is 8 metres, I am now working on the next batch, 9 metres using the same brocaded motif, but closer together on a burgundy ground. Which means it is taking twice as long.

In an effort to cheer myself up a bit, I watched The Duchess the other night. Another woeful lack of Leek buttons I have to say, though I'd need to watch it a second time to really pay attention to the detail. However, what grated throughout was Ms Knightly. Too skinny - she'd have made a good peasant at that weight, and bad posture. Someone teach that woman to stand properly the next time she plays aristocracy. Her shoulders were far too rounded. And I reckon it was emphasised even more by the corsetry holding her back straight.

Thanks for your good wishes for Togo. He's doing ok. He has some trouble panting properly, and we've figured out that this becomes worse if he has a full stomach (besides of course getting too excited or exercising too much) so we are now encouraging him to eat more in a 'little but often' method. A client of ours who imports products gave him quite a few new toys the other day and he really cheered up - he loves new toys!


  1. Gorgeous brocade!
    I watched duchess for first time too a couple of days ago, and I have to say I must agree, Keira looks stunning in 20's and 30's gowns but she's just not right for rococo!

    Do give Togo a little pat for me..

  2. Beautiful. I believe it's a lot of work, I usually get bored when working on a project for a very very long time... I can't see the colour anymore


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