Friday, May 08, 2009

Projects update

A few more finished projects - Worsted wool tassels. The large pair are for use as girdle tassels and have a bullion skirt and hand-spun silk gimp for the knots. The little tassel is for a paternoster; again, with hand-spun silk gimp knot. Of course, black just doesn't photograph well, but you get the idea.

Below, is a silk tablet woven ribbon, its eventual use will be to trim a tunic circa 1180s - originally a fully brocaded ribbon was wanted, but the timescales are too tight for that, so the threaded-in design using golden yellow silk was decided on. This was lovely to work with everything else I have been worrying about. My husband likes this band better than anything else I've done (looks like I finally know what to weave for him to use as a guitar strap then...)

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