Friday, June 19, 2009

A little bit more of the list completed...

Another busy week! Below is what turned out to be a very nice and unusual project, making a new cord and trimmings for this Bavarian pipe. The client decided that the red would be nicer than the original, which appeared to be green, though it was so faded that it would have been hard to tell the original shade anyway. I agree, and think the red tones have brought out the wood grain very well. The tassels were the most difficult - sourcing suitable bristles to make it from. The original actually used a strip of bristles still on the skin, which of course meant that it didn't need anything extra to hold the bristles in place. In the end I did have to resort to using some glue!

And below, 16m of gold & silver woven braid. I can't believe the damage to my cloth beam on my loom caused by the threads digging into the wood, especially as it's hard wood. The depression is probably about 5mm! I'll need to sand it down or something before I get on with the next bit of weaving, and in future for all work with metallic threads, I will be using a sheath of some sort (still to be devised!) to protect the loom! (Or perhaps just have a loom dedicated to metal thread work? that's a thought) Guess that's what I get for using such high quality metal threads - a synthetic wouldn't have caused this type of damage.

I am very close to persuading my husband to get a small lathe. I am tired of trying to find the right tassel molds for a job. And, despite the fact I wouldn't mind having a go at turning my own, I'd really rather he'd make the molds, so that I can get on with making the tassels!


  1. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Oh, lovely! I do like the red on the pipe, and the longer covering up the stem as well. Very nice! The braid it beautiful, and such a nice package as well.

  2. Hello Gina-B
    Wanted to let you know I found your blog here and will be hoping you post more lovelys. Or has AFA taken you over? Tee hee.


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