Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Call this summer?!

Hmmph! I seem to recall that when we had all that snow they swore we were going to have a fantastic summer. Three days without storms is hardly that! Still, at least I've had lots do to and the garden hasn't dried out...

Some more weaving finished, again, trim for costume. Both are silk tablet weaves. The wavy one doesn't show the extra touch - when the light hits it changes slightly again. I am very pleased with it!

I'm currently working on a set of silk and antique gold thread frogging for a wedding coat. So far, all is turning out really well too, they need to be finished this week so that, along with the regular job (which is always busy at this time of year) is ensuring that I remain occupied. And, as if that wasn't enough, I have decided to get involved with ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). I've wanted to have a go for a few years, and it is a bit addictive. It's very nice to be able to be a bit frivolous while being creative, I take my silkwork too seriously sometimes! A nice way to relax but still feel productive.

I've recently had a few requests to start up courses again, as I haven't done any for quite some time. I am seriously considering trying to find a suitable venue for some next year. But, if I do, what to do? Everyone who has asked seems to want to know something different... I am also considering trying to sort out some sort of web-based instruction. I am currently working on a book with as many passementerie techniques as I can possibly include, it may well be that some of this would be good material for simple courses. But, as always, the problem with the internet is one of copyright. How much do I want to send electronically for others to be able to pass on? hmm...

Oh, and the lathe is beginning to look like a no-go. I managed to talk him into it, but we just can't find a place to put the dang thing where the mess wouldn't interfere!


  1. i am in london, and i agree, where the hell is our summer????

  2. Ooh a book, fabulous, I'll ordering a copy!
    have you thought of doing downloadable instructions with a small fee for each project? It seems to work really well for the beading comunity and I know since I got a copy of Nancy Nehrings heirloom button book I've been overwhelmed by requests to lend so everyone else can learn how to do the victorian flag buttons!

    Not entirely sure how it works, I think you pay via paypal then get ent a code which when you type in allows you to down load that set of instructions - the code keeps changing so people can't pass it on - if it's reasonably priced I think most people would buy a down load rather than faffing about copying it to a disk and passing it on....
    maybe we should get together and do a historical craft projects download group rather like "beaducation"....Cathy might be interested in it as an extention of Your Wardrobe unlocked even...

  3. Jem, I have been looking into downloadables - the shop software I use does have a function, but I'm not entirely sure how secure it is.

    As I said, my bissest thing at the moment is what to do for smaller instruction and what to save for a book - and still ensuring that it is all simple, as I can waffle on a bit sometimes... ;)


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